Portraits People

Portrait coloured on white paper

With the artist's pencils, I like to draw on cream-coloured artist's paper in order to be able to depict the person with the individual skin and hair tones, as well as the eye pigments in all their natural uniqueness.

Portrait coloured on coloured paper

Drawings on coloured artist's paper are also possible. However, a slightly abstracted style is usually suitable here, since artist coloured pencils are not necessarily to be used entirely opaquely and in this case the coloured background paper is used as a design tool.

Portrait black and white

I even draw my portraits with colored pencil on tinted paper > here on grey in black and white tones. Personally, I love this color combination very much!


I love pastel very much myself, as they are very pure, opaque pigments that allow a thick application of paint. They look very soft and velvety.

Since I became a mum myself in 2018, it was up to my mini-man to draw. Baby pictures are always very well received. Here I draw my baby pictures of newborns up to 3 months old.

Baby portrait with pastel