Animal portraits

Animal portraits coloured

I also draw animal portraits with crayons. These are also very detailed and lifelike. In animal portraits, I proceed in a similar way to human portraits, i.e. I draw the whole body, as well as only the head and torso.  As far as style is concerned, I would like to look after you. I prefer an increased emphasis on the head by letting the rest of the body, as well as the background, fade or abstract. On request, I also draw the picture completely.

Animal Portraits Pastel

This technique is still relatively new. I have drawn more pastel portraits than animals. That's why this technology is available for a 50% discount.

Animal portraits black and white

I also create animal portraits in black and white with pencil, graphite or charcoal. Here, the coat color is decisive for the technique. Black fur can be reproduced with pencil and graphite heavier, since the darkest application of color is also logically only dark grey. So I'd rather draw this with coal.