Inspired by artists like Horst Kreusch, I had to try out a mixed media technique for the first time in 2018. In 2018 I was pregnant with our son and knew that in the future I could hardly spend 20 hours a week drawing alongside work, household and child. So I had hoped to be able to speed up my drawing process with a mixed medie technique.

As materials I have chosen watercolor paint, gouache and artist's pencils. Satin or very matte watercolour paper should serve as paper. These media are theoretically great to combine, because you can paint a loose undercolor with watercolor. With Goauche, you can bring parts of the image back to the foreground with slightly opaque surfaces and work out details. With the coloured pencil I can then draw fists such as fur .B over it. So far so good.

My very first picture was this polar bear image. The second was this koala illustration and the third this illustration of the orangutans of Boneo. I definitely like this one best. I am more than satisfied with this style, as they look a bit more like free illustration than my previous pictures in just one technique. In the coming days I will edit each of the illustrations as step by step instructions and upload it here.